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Film distribution, film distribution sales agent and digital film distribution technology for award-winning film producers, MAGNEPIX Distribution, a distributor located in Beverly Hills, California, provides distribution to the best new films from around the globe.

MAGNEPIX Distribution is leading the film distribution industry into the digital age through patent-pending technology, while serving as distributor and worldwide sales agent for theatrical, home video, and television movies, representing both completed films and films in development and pre-production.

The next decade will see unparalleled growth and change in the film distribution industry, and MAGNEPIX Distribution is dedicated to extending these opportunities to visionary new film producers and directors.


Award-winning Films

Distribution is at the heart of the film industry, and new digital distribution technology is creating powerful opportunities for film producers. 

MAGNEPIX Distribution works directly with award-winning international film production companies, and the Acquisition Department at MAGNEPIX Distribution will consider film submissions from non-affiliated producers of completed feature films or feature film projects in development or pre-production that have already raised development money and in addition have internationally recognizable cast. 

When MAGNEPIX Distribution represents a film in development or pre-production, we work with financiers and foreign sales companies to raise production financing based on the value of the cast and other elements of the film package.

Find out how MAGNEPIX Distribution is building the future of American entertainment.™



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The Film Industry

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The film distribution industry has seen tremendous growth in the last decade. The total domestic film box office has grown steadily from $4.8 billion in 1992 to $9.5 billion in 2003, growing by over 95 percent in the last decade. In the last ten years, film admissions increased 40 percent or 466 million in the U.S.


New film distribution technology such as HD DVD, satellite, and streaming continue to offer opportunities for growth in the film distribution industry. At a time when studio production of film content is slowing down, digital film productions are growing at a rapid pace, demonstrating the sift to digital film production and distribution occurring all over the World. Read more




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Film Distribution

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MAGNEPIX Distribution provides worldwide film distribution to film makers through theatrical, home video, and digital distribution technology.    



By utilizing the patent pending Broadfocus™ film distribution platform, a worldwide network of film distribution partners, and targeted marketing and demographics, MAGNEPIX® is building the future of American entertainment. Read more




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The Film Market

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While open to a broad range of quality genre film titles, MAGNEPIX Distribution focuses on a core slate of suspense and action film titles, which translate well across Western and Asian markets. MAGNEPIX Distribution has an international network of film distribution partners, allowing MAGNEPIX to reach the broadest possible film going audience for any film in its catalog.



A majority of moviegoers between the ages of 18-29 consider themselves frequent film goers, defined as those who see films at least once a month. MAGNEPIX Distribution attracts a broad audience with smart, intense film titles that target both the youth audience and adult film goers. Read more


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