Patent Pending Distribution Technology

MAGNEPIX Distribution is so innovative because it utilizes patent pending film distribution technology.  By bringing together Internet video-on-demand, the DVD and home video market, and theatrical distribution with cutting-edge digital production MAGNEPIX Distribution created the first 100% digital distribution system in the world. 

Seamlessly communicating across theatrical, cable and home video distribution platforms, the MAGNEPIX® Broadfocus™ network is a broad spectrum virtual digital space where movies are produced, sold, marketed, and watched, 24 hours a day, in real time.

More than just technology, the Broadfocus™ network is revitalizing the film business. For decades, film makers and audiences have struggled against the overly complex and unfair way major film distribution companies sell films. The Broadfocus™ network will match film audiences with film makers, creating an interactive world of media content, built on patent pending film distribution technology.   




Through patented film distribution technology and leading-edge distribution systems MAGNEPIX® is building the future of American entertainment.™  


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