The Film Market

While open to a broad range of quality genre film titles, MAGNEPIX Distribution focuses on a core slate of suspense and action film titles, which translate well across Western and Asian markets. MAGNEPIX Distribution has an international network of film distribution partners, allowing MAGNEPIX to reach the broadest possible film going audience for any film in its catalog.

By targeting quality suspense and genre film titles, MAGNEPIX is able to produce the highest per film revenue at a lower cost. Examples of other films that successfully followed this model include the digital thriller "Memento," budgeted at $5 million, which went on to make $25 million at the US box office and another $60 million in US video rentals. Similarly, the U.S. digital thriller/ horror film "Jeepers Creepers" was budgeted at $10 million and went on to earn $37 million at the U.S. box office and an additional $45 million in U.S. video rentals. 

Moreover, Asian thriller and genre film titles can translate into excellent box office results in the U.S. For example, when DreamWorks SKG remade the Japanese production "Ringu" as "The Ring" it earned over $129 million in the U.S. box office, and over $230 million in the worldwide box office. When budget is factored in, suspense thriller and action film titles outperform other genres in almost all domestic and international markets. Following this model, MAGNEPIX film titles produce vast income from theatrical as well as video, and other ancillary income sources.  

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Film Audience Demographics

Current film audience demographics also highlight the success of MAGNEPIX Distribution. Domestic audiences of 12-29 year olds account for 50 percent of total film admissions. MAGNEPIX taps into this market with its suspense and genre slate of film titles that appeal to all ages but especially the younger film going population. 

Moreover, a majority of moviegoers between the ages of 18-29 consider themselves frequent film goers, defined as those who see films at least once a month. MAGNEPIX Distribution attracts a broad audience with smart, intense film titles that target both the youth audience and adult film goers. 

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Film Distribution Sales Agent

MAGNEPIX Distribution is represented by Brandon Blake of BLAKE & WANG P.A. Brandon Blake has been serving as a film sales agent for independent films for more than a decade, and now also a producer for Lions Gate Films titles.

To receive a quote for film sales agent services contact BLAKE & WANG P.A. at the Los Angeles office, located in Century City next to the 20th Century Fox Studios lot, or the New York office located in the NBC Studios Rockefeller Center Plaza.



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